Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So I've been using Crest Whitestrips for less than a week.
1. Teeth are already noticeably whiter
2. Strips are vast improvement over painting gel on teeth with a little brush and having gross pasty feeling and appearance all over mouth. Strips are much less messy.
1. Teeth are very sensitive. Actually, I took a day off because they just hurt too much for me to want to put strips on. Generally, though, I am pleased with Strips performance.

I'm in kind of a sad place today. I don't know quite why, or rather I do, but it's all so complicated. I look pretty athletic, though, and am planning on a jog since it is about ten or twelve degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. Here's hoping the apartment is less melty tonight. I got two hours of House reruns on tap and during commercials will check in with Gilmore Girls reruns, and I also have two movies from Video Spectrum that aren't due back until Saturday. Also I have a frozen casserole portion so I don't have to cook anything new. Might knit something, too. Who knows.

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