Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Oddly related to my last post, since I got the pearl colored handles, I got some Cutco knives today. A former student's friend sells them, and while she gets paid to give the presentations, not for selling (thus making the occasion guilt-free), I needed some good knives and so I bought five, the trimmer, a carver, two paring knives, and my favorite, the petite chef's knife. I'm very excited, as I also get the kitchen shears free, and I got a free peeler for recommending two friends for presentations. These knives cost a lot, but I think I'm going to be satisfied with the purchase. I needed the chef's knife in particular because I really am terrible at dicing and I'd like to learn to do it properly, but I can't do that with any of the knives I own. Plus what passes for my trimmer/carver now has a bent blade and has never cut straight. I'm excited, but I need to be more careful with these knives since they're so sharp.

In other news, I think I really do have a problem with my the end of my run yesterday it was aching quite a lot, and I think late last night the regular phone rang or something, and I tried to get up but I couldn't. I think I might have yelped in pain, but I was half asleep. Today it's pretty stiff. My theory is that the different shapes of my hips, which make the right one have less range of movement, are throwing everything out of whack. I have no idea what to do about this...I know a quick fix to help even them out, but sometimes I think the strain of it makes things worse. I always knew they were off because I could feel it in ballet, especially doing grand leg is slightly shorter. I had this confirmed in physical therapy, hence the quick fix. But I don't know how to figure out what's happening without expensive doctor's visits. Bleh.

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