Monday, July 17, 2006

Brainstream re: Apartment and Internet Shopping

Have suddenly felt a slightly positive attitude shift regarding second apartment. Have been feeling really dumb/guilty about excessive spending lately and worrying if it would interfere with apartment shopping, but on reading Chasing Paper's recent furniture shopping exploits and hearing about Ikea's sofa offerings, I checked the website. Have looked there for other things and not always liked appearance/price of products, but have discovered several sofa beds that would be tolerable, under $700, though have now noticed that prices change depending on color of fabric. White is cheapest, but also dumbest with my habit of writing on sofa by accident. Anyway, sofa beds are expensive and have been seriously considering futon ownership, but now may not have to. Wish could figure out how Ikea futons would be comfortable with no arms to snuggle on, because one option is gorgeous-on-website dark purple. Hm. They show an apartment picture with arm cushions on futon but can't find on website. GAH! What to do?
(sidenote: Am currently reading Bridget Jones 2, so post is in manner of diaryspeak through no fault of self. Simply am chameleon and cannot help it)
Must wait until can get in apartment anyway, so as to measure space and doors and not rush in with furniture that won't fit. Though beds, etc come with assembly required, so perhaps not such an issue with doors. Wish, just once, could have craft table, dining table, and desk in one apartment, but not be crowded. Am hopeful that will have enough room to set up portable dance barre regularly.
*giggle* Am on La-Z-Boy website now and am gleeful that could have a pink sleeper sofa if so chose. Do not however enjoy website's total lack of price information. Generally, don't wish to bother going to a store if I don't know how much I'd be shelling out. Rather pointless. Especially as LZB is expensive.
Hmm. Have been exploring Ikea's Canton store website. Seems like it may be more fun than previously supposed. May need to visit immediately or as soon as have apartment measurements, or both. Will enjoy exploring alone as in manner of hunter. Can I wait until whenever apartment is available, which is not for another two weeks at least and possibly more since lease does not officially start until August 15? Have already been to Jeffrey's antiques to scope furniture there. Have already been on countless furniture websites. Why not explore? Perhaps will go this week for reconnaissance mission. If allowed to drink coffee while shopping, will be sold.
Have just remembered that exciting curtain-buying and bathroom accessorizing must also take place. Yay! Love love love textiles. Also have two rugs made by great-grandmother so learning to make rugs not so urgent. Very soft circle rugs. Could make all things, of course, but have enough sewing and knitting projects, really.

V. sorry, all, for being so boring. Realized today that now there are three blogs AND a personal diary, along with family journal twice a year. Drawback to not talking to people much is needing more outlets. Realized have not really talked with people about inner self much due to time, life events, etc., on both sides, nor have really reflected much on paper. Realized that Mom has also had to bear the brunt of self rattling on about anything in particular. Thanks, Mom.


Carrie said...

I'm glad I have another person who is also mentally furnishing a home they have yet to move in to. I have had similar concerns about the whiteness of some of Ikea's furnishings, although more because I'll probably spill wine on it. I was mulling over chairs in "natural" but I have decided that that's probably not the wisest purchasing decision. I feel confident that I'll be able to find a sofa I like, but we also want a pair of nice chairs to coordinate, and that can get pricey. We'll see, I guess. Anyway, I'd like to get out to Ikea one of the next couple of weekends (Although I realize that Paul might not be aware of this plan), so if there's anything you want scouted out, let me know. Oh, and besides that one sofa we found, Lazy Boy was out of our price range. Although the one by the mall is having a big clearance sale right now.

We haven't made it to Jeffrey's yet - everywhere else we wanted to go was in Toledo, so pretty much the opposite direction. However we did go to the Maumee Antiques Mall. Have you been there? We liked it. Pretty big- so some junk, but some nice stuff. We decided we'd have a better idea of what we'd want from there after we move in, so no purchases were made. I did spot several nicely framed mirrors that would look good on my future walls...

Abs said...

Whereabouts is the Maumee Antiques Mall? I remember going to one or two shops in Maumee with Karin and Lisa, but don't remember exactly where we were.
Whilst I was home, my sister and brother and I "discovered" the antiques mall in Williamston, close to the highway. Boy is that bigger than I thought it'd be, but still not bigger than Jeffrey's. I don't think any antique place is.
I am also glad to have a friend who is mentally furnishing a place, because of course yours is bigger, but I benefit from hearing where you've gone and what you've seen!

Carrie said...

It's in between the Maumee Sports Mall and Cornerstone Church on Reynolds in between Dussel and the turnpike. I'd say it's worth checking out!

Anonymous said...

Maggie's doing thrift shops. Also, there's Salvation Army and Volunteers of America shops, especially for wood and stuff, maybe not upholstery.