Monday, July 24, 2006

More boring furniture blather and such

Fun Fact: Only 5 IKEA stores in the United States have the color of the Ektorp sofa that I want in stock, according to the website. How very interesting. Oh, and one of them is notably NOT Canton, MI.
I put in a reserve order for my color but, according to the central offices, it isn't supposed to be in store for seven more weeks. I have to admit, I've reached the point of "I want this sofa" and when that happens, stubbornness sets in. I wasn't going to get my heart set on anything before I got into the apartment, but honestly, the price is right, the sofa is actually comfortable, more comfortable than the one I have (don't even think won't fit in the space I have in my current place, so no switcheroo), the color matches that curtain I like, and this has become sort of a matter of pride. I want it! (If it will not fit for some reason, I shall have a tantrum. I have reached that point. I have even reached the point where I think I will secretly measure the door to the apartment.) It will even match my sky chair, which I have in cobalt and haven't been able to fit anywhere in my current place.
Having the thing shipped from online is not an option as the cost is...prohibitive...and I have developed an alternative plan just in case, which is to wait as long as I can, then buy the sofa in white and buy/order the blue cover separately, which it just so happens you can do with this sofa as covers are removable. It's a good plan, because even if by some chance they are completely out of the sofa by the time I'm ready to get it, at least I will have a reserve in for a new batch.
Seriously, though. 7 weeks? That's a ruddy long time.

Anyway, it's Monday again and I've been fairly productive today, for a change, having completed a few book reviews and begun the work of Winter Wheat file transfer. I realized yesterday that I really need to get a move on with this manuscript thing if I want to get it in good shape to start sending it out sometime this year or next Spring, or even see if this is possible. Unfortunately I feel icky today and the flurry of activity may need to be short lived. Certainly, there will be no jogging. What a shame.


Carrie said...

Ugh. I was going to ask you about this. Today I checked online, and the Canton store has practically none of the furniture we want, which kinda annoys the crap out of me. This is stuff that's featured in their new 2007 catalog- why would it not be in stores? And if this stuff isn't there, then what the heck is? I need to investigate further. I do not want to be sofa-less for 7 weeks. Damnit!!!

Abs said...

I know! Such a bummer.
Ok, one thing I did learn was that they have a bit more furniture in the store than it says on the website...they tend to "err on the side of caution" in that area.
You can definitely call the store and ask for a physical stock check, so as to have something held if they do end up having it. And to find out when shipments were coming in they transferred me to the central call desk. That way, if it's not going to be too long of a wait, you can time it to pick everything up together.
It is a total pain, but as Mom reminded me the store is only a few weeks old, so it's been overrun with people buying stuff and I imagine their stock has been heavy hit. I don't remember seeing all that many "temporarily out of stock signs," but I don't know how often they update those. I'm crossing my fingers they decide to move up the shipment dates.