Thursday, July 13, 2006


On Monday I bought...

Bringing my total LUSH product stash to...

Lotta, lotta stuff. I actually took a previous picture of everything I have, but forgot a few elements from my sink area, so I had to retake it. Yesterday, witnessed by Steve, I had to buy a basket because I have more stuff than my current basket, which also contains other delicious bath products, could handle.
I took a bath last night with half of one of the new bubble bars, called "The Comforter," which smells like black currants and turns the water a frothy pink. I got a lot of bubbles out of it, and it felt much like I was a movie star in one of those baths where the bubbles are piled high and strategically placed. I listened to some of Harry Potter 5 on tape and ate a Twix bar. For dinner, I'd had pizza and salad, and a cold glass of milk whilst I watched Project Runway. This is living.

So, Project Runway. Let me first say that the new layout of the website sucks. I sent Bravo an email politely describing why it was user unfriendly, and I hope they listen, because I don't know if I can keep reading Tim's Take in such infinitessimal and poorly colored print. Ouch. And the pictures for Rate the Runway are too small to see detail. Why? Because over half the screen is taken up by ads, schedules from other shows, and irrelevant browse material that I don't want to look at because I don't believe it is any better than PR and I can only handle so much eyestrain.
Now, about the fashions and designers. I was sad to see Stacey go, because I think she had more to offer than some of the other contestants might prove to in upcoming episodes...though her sewing machine difficulty (which I would probably have, too) was a serious liability. I was also sad for everyone when they had no furniture after this challenge. How demoralizing is that? This isn't boot camp. It's not even fashion camp, as Tim Gunn said in the season 3 casting show (which was fun).
Now, Keith got a lot of flack for the simplicity of the design, and I, like Tim was also surprised when the judges didn't pick on innovation, as they did so often last season, but the dress was adorable, and the accessorizing was well chosen. Should Robert or Laura have won? I don't want to take sides at this date, but I liked Keith's look and I'm certainly not sorry that he won. I am looking forward to seeing more of these three down the line.
Also strong was Michael Knight. His dress was absolutely adorable and I love love love the way you know people look at him and make judgments about who he is, and then the confections he designs shatter that stereotype. I don't get a reading on him yet as a person, but I loved his dress.
Four very wearable designs in the very first challenge! Others were certainly interesting, and some wearable but perhaps not well made or not fully conceived.
I don't dislike anyone yet, though I would feel distinctly uncomfortable around Malan, Vincent, and possibly Jeffrey if I were among them. Malan's laugh will keep me entertained, though I don't think he really "needs" the show as much as some of the others, and I don't like his arrogance. Vincent...I can't get him at all. I admire what he's doing in re-starting his design career, but I am baffled by him as a person and designer. Jeffrey...I liked some of the stuff in his bio video, and I think it's great that he's designing for rock stars, but there's something about him I can't quite place that disturbs me. Something that turns me off. I'm down with rock and roll, but I think he, too, might have that special sort of arrogance that makes him a pest, not a genius. That may be a too-quick judgment, and I might be projecting on him feelings about similar people from high school. We'll see.
Anyway, it was an enjoyable first show, I'm piqued for the remaining shows, and glad there's something new on that I like. I can only survive on reruns of House, Supernatural, and Gilmore Girls for so long. I also note that PR has gone the way of Top Chef and gotten a lot more current professionals into the mix. I wonder how that will spark the attitudes?


Carrie said...

I see in your picture you have one of the Lush jellies. Let me give you a bit of advice about those- don't store them in the shower. I had mine in it's plastic container in the back of my shower, but somehow water still got in, and eventually it dissolved, leaving me with yellow tinged water. Kind of a bummer. Maybe you already knew better than to leave it in the shower, hence your new basket- I didn't!

And I haven't watched Project Runway yet, so I'm skipping that portion of your post. I'm excited about it though!

Abs said...

Fortunately, I'm keeping my shower jelly in the fridge; my apartment is warm and I thought a nice cold soaplike substance would be nice. I will learn from your shower experience!
PR is going to be so fun this season! I'm going to have to start marking my rundown with a spoilers alert.