Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Editing the Tag. I can run pretty darn fast, you know.

Ok, so Steve changed his blog to tag me. Thanks, Steve. I'm still cheating
Game of Four...
4 jobs you've had in your life: nanny, Pier 1 Imports Sales associate, library assistant, writing instructor
4 movies you could watch over and over: yikes...I already do this with almost every movie I have. Jaws, The Village, Fantasia, and Star Wars 1-3 are movies I have in the past put on repeat. Wait...then there's Finding Nemo
4 places you've lived: Uhh...Bath, MI, East Lansing, MI, and Bowling Green, OH. I had two different dorm rooms in EL, does that count? I was even in the same building, so maybe not.
4 TV shows you love to watch: Charmed, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Gilmore Girls, and Project Runway
4 places you've been on vacation: Ludington, Crystal valley (MI), Italy, and Prince Edward Island
4 websites you visit daily: CNN, imdb, Steve's blog, my blog
4 of your favorite foods: Mom's french fries, strawberry milkshakes, olives, and Kraft Italian spaghetti (especially when served as a side to Mom's pork cutlets...me=drooling). Favorite drink? Dr. Pepper. I think we all knew that.
4 albums you can't live without: Most of my favorite albums are soundtracks (top four: Practical Magic, Chicago, Into the Woods, and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?). If we're strictly talking albums, though, I'd go with Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes on top, Fiona Apple's Tidal, Madonna's Immaculate Collection, and either Shakira's Laundry Service or something Johnny Cash related. Of these, I own tapes of three and Cd's of three...I own both of Little Earthquakes, isn't that crazy? That's how much I love it.


Steve said...

You got totally tagged, slick. Go back to my blog that you check so much...

GG sounds very promising tonight, especially after such a long wait between new eps. Let's make sure to discuss it tomorrow or Thursday, OK?

MAW said...

Oh goodness, how do I love Little Earthquakes and Project Runway? Let me count the ways...