Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday Mash

What's on tonight? That's right, new episodes of Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. May they be so funny I almost pee my pants.
I have absolutely no interest in political posturing combined with rhetoric that says nothing, so I will be skipping the State of the Union, thank you. I don't say this often, but thank goodness for the WB.

In other news, the Mid-American Review fish, Mar-Mar Superstar, is not doing so hot. He was pretty feisty yesterday, but his fin rot and refusal to eat his color-enhancing food has made him look very glasslike. He's never been a big, voluminous betta, so he looks extra fragile. Also Karen thinks he may have eaten some of the medicine that's supposed to time-release into his water. Poor fishy.

I believe I have selected a digital camera; I think I will be going with the miniscule Canon ELPH SD450. The only problem: can't find it. Very few stores carry it in stock, preferring to carry the 400 and 500 with which most people are familiar. But the 500 has really more pixelage than I need (and thus is costlier) and the 400 is not as sleek. Meijer has the 450, but they only had the display sample left when I was looking, and I am not into a camera that a hundred strangers have handled. Other stores simply have it out of stock. I am reluctant to order a camera, with my past horrible luck with mailed fragiles.
It's not that I want things I can't have. It's that I always seem to want things that are hard to get.


Steve said...

In the spirit of the pinkness of your blog, I'd like to offer my 2 cents re: Gilmore Girls.

Lorelai and Luke are bound to let April ruin their engagement, and that irks me greatly. These two have been circling each other for SO goddamned long, my opinion is "let's get on with it already!" It's like Sam and Diane, 'cept in reverse.

Rory and Logan are bound to get back together, and that irks me greatly. Rory, relative to the number of books she's read, is allotted exactly one bad choice in men (like her mom), but that choice already has a name: Jess. Logan and his little pack of engenues can all just go away and never come back. They're not good enough for my Rory.

Paris--who is head and shoulders my favorite GG character--is bound to get sacked at the paper, and that irks me greatly. She's only trying to impose some order, and who is Rory to saddle up with her opposition. Girl's got a vision, and it wouldn't kill all those newsies to get in line.

(Now I just have to hope nobody from my gym reads AV...)

Abs said...

Hmm...Is my blog too pink? I like it because it's something pretty to look at when I'm bored.
I, too, will be PISSED if Luke and Lorelai don't get married stat. I mean, come on...this isn't Guiding Light or the OC. Let a couple of kids find some happiness. I want to see some flower throwing and crabcakes. And if Vince Vaughn is there....so be it.
I can't agree with you, though, on the Logan and Paris notes. I don't want Paris to get sacked, but I would like her to be forcibly reminded that she is behaving like Hitler. I liked it better when she and her lover were kickboxing or whatever the heck it was.
Logan...What can I say about Logan? I see your point of view; I do. But girl's gotta say that she would be the first to get on that train if she were being kissed like that. That man's got lip power.
Speaking of which...mostly naked Supernatural Dean? Hel'yeah!

Carrie said...


I'll second that about Dean. In fact, when I was watching it I thought, I bet Abby's also enjoying this right now. :-)