Friday, January 27, 2006

The Public Waits

Instead of making jello shots (sorry, Lisa, sorry, party), here is my Project Runway commentary:

1. Daniel V, you are amazing. I would not wear that top, but it was clearly couture special, you stuck to the challenge, and you created something we knew you were capable of.
2. I am so tired of that hackneyed big braided sash/trim thing the designers keep doing, as Andrae did, and as Santino has done. Kudos for the beading on Andrae's, and the way the garment moved, but that sash on the right (?) shoulder was passe and made the look sloppy to me. There had to be a way to introduce that color in a more exciting way. I admit, I'm into symmetry, but that's not what bothers me; those bulky, unfinished-looking braids look unflattering, and I can't imagine why women wear them. I am please that Andrae stepped it up, though.
3. I am in love with the top of Nick's otufit. I didn't really get to see the skirt, though I understand from Tim Gunn's blog that it was the fishtail style they see from him a lot. I grant you, his inspiration was a little challenging to follow, but I thought the execution of that top was fantastic. Sleek and exciting. Good for girls with little chests.
4.Chloe is Chloe. A pretty dress, not super-exciting, but it looked difficult to do, which counts for almost the same thing these days. Pretty coloration.
5. I pass over Kara and Zulema at this point, except to say that it always bugs me when they talk about construction issues, because with all the glossing over/lens/lightwork that they do for telly, I can't see what they're talking about. Sometimes airbrush is not a good thing. We can't see when fabric pulls badly, or when seams are crooked or unfinished looking.
6. Santino. This blog has lately been the site of much discussion involving Santino and his attitude. I think he's talented, but I think his confidence has taken a nosedive, and the work he's turned out lately has had a disconnect from his self. Last night's garment...well, I loved the way the skirt moved, but for once I agreed completely with all the judges that the waistline was a poor looked more like a babydoll negligee. I had completely forgotten the Austin Scarlett dress and its similarity, so sympathized when that was brought up. Sometimes an inspiration you get completely makes you forget about any other work that might be too much the same. This is wholly unlike the Marla situation in which that piece was right in front of her.
I liked this challenge quite a bit, and was glad the designers could get back into themselves a bit...this seems to be an important feature for next week's challenge, which looks to be crazy. I can't wait to see how Tim loves Santino's impressions of him, which really are magnifique.

P.S., from last week's challenge, was anyone else really embarrassed for Robert, and just want him to go away? That wasn't funny, and I've always found him annoyingly smarmy. You're out! Stay out!


Carrie said...

Ok, so I totally agree with you about Daniel V's top. It was a great interpretation of the picture, but I also would never wear it.

I was really struck by Andrae's dress - I thought it was really pretty. That I would totally wear! I feel slightly bad that he didn't win. The braiding thing didn't bother me on this dress. It bugs me when Santino does it, but I liked it on Andrae's dress. However, I think you have a better eye for these things than me.

And finally, this episode really changed my opinion of some of the contestants. I was loving Nick, but not as much now. And Santino annoyed the hell out of me, but he changed his attitude, and now I find him much more tolerable. I didn't care for his dress at all, really, I thought it was pretty shapeless. I do think it's not that big of a deal he used the same fabric as the other guy (which I didn't know b/c I didn't watch last season), I think he was just excited about finding something that matched the picture so much. So Santino, you won't make the final three, but you won't leave with me completely hating you.

And, since I didn't watch last season, this was my first introduction to Jay. He seemed pretty obnoxious to me- was he like that on the show? I would've had a hard time rooting for him.

Abs said...

Well, I don't know about the braiding thing...Nina and Michael liked it, so it obviously has some merit I'm not seeing. It just always looks stuck on to me. It does bug me more when Santino does it, though.
Poor Nick. His passive aggressiveness caught up with him; I think that's why he got so upset...he hasn't been venting properly. That's the great thing about these shows-the real personality will out, you know? I have hopes for Nick, but he needs to do something wild and crazy.
Jay...I had mixed feelings about Jay last season. I didn't like a whole lot of his clothes, and he often was obnoxious (though in a less "I am awesome" way). But his collection for the final three was knockdown fabulous, and most people were rooting for him, because he was very friendly and excited about what he was doing. Thus, I did not root for him until the end, but I would have worn most of his collection with pride.