Thursday, January 12, 2006

Now Hear This

So, The Cincinnati Review is printing two of my poems. Throw confetti and fetch me a drink.
I am trying to think of something fun to do to celebrate, but I've already done most of the things I think are fun recently. Maybe I'll go out to eat. Or order food in. Like, a calzone from Pisanello's. Or maybe I'll get some garlic or sesame chicken from a Chinese restaurant. Maybe I'll get something completely unhealthy but delicious to eat from the supermarket. Or something. Help me out here.
Maybe I'll rent a Dvd, too. For emphasis. And so that the extent of my celebration is not food. I'd buy something fun, but I'm sort of thinking maybe I should stop getting so many clothes, and my house has about as much craft whatnot as it can hold. What else do I buy? I already have a blender.
My camera is acting funny lately, and I've come to understand that perhaps the "cell phone or digital camera" choice is going to end up being an "and." But that's not really a suitable celebration for some poems being published. It's a little big. And I don't know what I want. I need to do some Consumer Reports research.
"And then, suddenly, the answer seemed obvious." OK, I still might get something delicious to eat, but I think I might get some LUSH bath products. I'm about halfway through my previous stash, and I've been eyeing a couple of products in the catalog, like a massage bar, and more bath melts. Ooh. Ooooooooh. I am a genius. A genius that smells good.
So, the basic picture of all this is, even though I received a recent rejection from Poetry Magazine, I have work out now in Southern Indiana Review, and work forthcoming in Paper Street and The Cincinnati Review. I am feeling pretty darn great about this and even greater that I actually got active this past fall in getting work submissions out there. And, TCR took one of my NEWest poems. This adds up to me needing to keep doing what I'm doing and respecting the choice I made as a working writer.

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