Friday, January 13, 2006

Let's sing:

"Rain... is what the thunder brings. For the first time...I can hear my heart sing...
Call me a fool, but I know I'm not..."

Ok, that's all. A little Madonna in the middle of the day never hurt anyone. I actually have a "cassingle" of that song...that's right, a cassette single...from when I was buying a ton of those to use in the dance studio. Gosh, that seems like a hundred years ago. Sometimes I put those in my car just for fun, but they're so short it's hard to do except on short hop trips, or you're constantly changing tapes.
Yeah, it's raining though. After yesterday, which was the most incredible January weather in my recent memory. It was warm, and luxuriously sunny. Almost like the way I always think April should be. I almost took a walk yesterday, that's how awesome the weather was, and I actually enjoyed my treks around campus to classes. The sky was blue, people. Blue.
I feel like taking a field trip this weekend. I don't know where, though. Last week was the Michael's of Perrysburg adventure. There are a couple of good things about field trips. First, they keep me out of the office. I have a tendency, when I have nothing else to do, to go to the office, and it sucks. In fact, I've done several necessary office-related tasks today, Friday, and am figuring out now how I can best use my time to get out of here within two hours. Second, field trips generally get me out of BG period. Frankly, I have too many townie tendencies. I'm trying to sort of back away from that and be more open to getting out of town. Third, field trips are often to places I enjoy, where I can get something fun like a picture frame, or a sweater, or a camera. Being someone who often is too busy to have real fun, these weeks when the workload is light must be used to their best advantage. So, I shall ponder.

Some thoughts on Project Runway:

  • The competition is intense this year, with several clearly skilled people on board. This week, the often gimmicky but sweet "dirty Diana" and the nice but often unconfident Marla were booted. This made sense from a "culling the herd" standpoint, though I hope both ladies learned enough to, in fact, use what they learned in their careers. Sometimes people learn, but they don't quite get over that hump of not really realizing change is in order.
  • On a related note, thank goodness the model named Cara was absent from the runway this week. This is tricky: She's very thin, and her neck-shoulders are awkward. In this way, she's actually a lot like me, and I have to respect that. But she also has a very ungainly walk and quite frankly looks very uncomfortable on the runway. She also had some sort of spiel about something being "inappropriate" a few weeks ago, and considering that it was a lingerie challenge I was sort of embarrassed for her. Now, it seems like she might be just starting out, and that's fine, but even her sample pictures on the website bio show very little imagination or depth. Several strong models have been booted while this gal has stayed on...there is something wrong, in my opinion, with the way the model contract prize is determined.
  • People, something new with Grace's hair. In four of six challenges, her bangs have been exactly the same, and in another she wore a wig with...the same style bangs. Modeling is as much an art as fashion. Give your model something to work with, and it will make the garment rock even more.
  • Favorite outfits so far: Muslin--Emmett and Nick; clothes off your back--blah. Maybe Santino; Barbie--Diana, Chloe, Nick; Lingerie--Daniel V, all the way; Hilton--Daniel V! I love that dress! Also Kara's piece, and Chloe's. I liked Nick's, but I didn't think it was right on Tarah. Banana Republic--I would wear the top from Marla/Diana, skirt from Nick/Santino, the dress from Zulema/Kara, and I'm glad Daniel V/Andrae won. I was APPALLED by the Nick/Santino window. Now, note my faves are not necessarily in response to the challenge, but more in terms of what I'd wear. Eclectic, no? But Daniel V (who dances) and Chloe are emerging as my clear favorites, followed closely by Nick and then Emmett. I generally do not care for Zulema's work or Andrae's or Santino's. Kara has been spotty.
  • Santino makes me mad. Please, I beg you, stop relying on the cliche of "grasping at straws" to criticize your competition. Now, I will warrant that editing by the producers could be to blame, but since it appears in every episode, it makes me cringe, and points, in fact, to brashness as a cover for lack of confidence. If you're going to be an innovator, speak innovatively.

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