Friday, January 27, 2006

Five Faves

Favorite song to lie on the floor to:
Delibes "Flower Duet"

Favorite word:

Favorite drink I have never been able to recreate:
It was called a Lady Dane, and it had strawberries, amaretto of some kind, and something creamy, and it was just the most gorgeous experience on the planet. It was at a restaurant called British Isles in Okemos, MI, which is now closed. The restaurant, not Okemos.

Favorite word sung by Johnny Cash:
Woman, in "Big River."

Favorite jammies:
Now that my Nick n Nora Cloud Nine jammies have been retired, the honor goes to jammies in pink, with little ballerinas on them, a la Eloise. They have been referred to as not sexy, but that's kind of not the point of jammies. I say, if you're not keeping me warm, you don't get to make comments on my pajama choice.

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