Monday, April 24, 2006

Bag Lady

This weekend, I admit it, I got a little carried away with the shopping. I've behaved myself reasonably since Chicago, so I guess I was maybe due, and I finally found some spring/summer clothes and shoes I actually like. I also got an outrageous backache; I haven't worked retail in a while, and I'd forgotten how exhausting it is to walk around a store all day.
I also had the saddest little experience at Kohl's (that's right, my Kohl's virginity has ended). I was looking at clearance shoes and found a cute pair of brown tennis shoes like my black ones, but with a muted stripe. They were pretty kicky, and I tried on the 7s, knowing they wouldn't fit my longer left foot. I hunted the whole section and found one size 6 shoe and one 7.5 That's right, one fit my left foot exactly. I walked around with that shoe for about twenty minutes looking in the whole department for its mate. I never found it. I was so sad to abandon that shoe, not just for myself because I liked it, but because what a lonely existence that is; one shoe, supposed to be a pair and not. The lady who was working sort of glanced around, but seemed utterly engrossed in whatever she was doing and sure as heck didn't volunteer to help me.
I'm hoping on that shoe's behalf that its mate is just back in the stock room somewhere and that it will be found soon by a more conscientious soul. In any case, its status as a lonely and, therefore, somewhat purposeless object cut me kind of deep.
To make myself feel better, I bought a Kitchen 101 Breakfast set at Linens n' Things. It comes with a cast iron griddle, egg poacher, egg rings, and various other breakfast tools. I'm sort of thrilled about it.

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