Monday, April 03, 2006

Hittin' the Sauce

I love applesauce; natural style, no cinnamon. Just applesauce. It's making my lunch delicious.
Yes, today my mood is quietly better. There's food in the house, and clean laundry, which has yet to be put away, but which is there nonetheless. There is simply nothing better. I don't think people realize how demoralizing it is to eat junk on the go, or to have to forage in one's own cupboards for nutrients, or in one's sock drawer for something to cover chilly feet. But when you have fresh food, it makes all the difference. You feel like a real person, someone worthy of the world, and grateful for being able to just eat what God puts down here. That's not a support for organics, just a support for produce in general.
Last night, for a late dinner, I had:
Milk, and a sort of Mediterranean devotional plate. It had grapes; olives; cherry tomatoes; Italian bread with honey, drizzled olive oil, fresh basil, and cracked black pepper (It's good. I know it sounds weird); and fresh, soft hunks of mozzarella, Italian style. So utterly delicious, and it was amazing to have milk in the house again. I had two full glasses, the first with dinner and the second with dessert, which was a few pieces of a chocolate bar with ginger pieces stuck in.
I feel like a human being.

Oh...and in case you were wondering what *that* much LUSH stuff looks like:


Stephanie King said...

I checked out the lush website... I might have to try out something from there. Any recommendations for a first time buyer?


Abs said...

There are a wide variety of scents available; what do you like? Flowers? Fruits? Musks? I always think the Tisty-Tosty is a nice bath ballistic; it's simple, rosy, and there are rose buds in it.
You know what's great is the Turbo Bubble bubble bar, which is pink-purple and is a little sparkly. You have to wash the bath out a day or two later (my bath sometimes gets a ring) but it is awesome and SO hyperbubbly. You can use half and get a lot of bubbles.