Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Mash

Before I begin, let me just thank those who reported the time of last week's thunderstorm. 6:30 ish am sounds about right for me to be delirious with sleep but able to be tensely awakened.
So today I woke up and said, darn it, I am going to have a decent day if it kills me. Then I locked my keys in my house.
It's okay, though, my landlady is nice and came out right away to help me out. It was just sort of a d'oh! moment that passed. The good news is, Chily's had tomato soup with tortellini, which is pretty much the best soup, and I have no conferences today. In a little bit I'm actually going to do some work so that I have less to do tonight after teaching. Or, maybe I'll work on some poetry stuff, just for a break. Wouldn't that be exciting?
Easter has come and gone; I had a lovely Easter basket from the Easter bunny, and I went to church here in BG and heard the Hallelujah Chorus. In fact, I have it on my media player, and I might listen to it again for kicks. It was kind of a lonely day, but really it's my own fault for not going home. Holidays are really designed around us spending time with others, but in some ways solitude is the way to think about what the holiday actually is, especially Easter because basically it and Christmas are the foundation of the Christian faith.
Anyway. I'm kind of confused lately. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels, and maybe trying too hard to find a direction. I don't know what's going on with me. I can't seem to settle to anything, and it's sort of like the mean reds are back. I can't remember what I like. Or what I think I like doesn't seem to be working. The last really great things I remember are getting a strawberry milkshake with my friend Pat, at Tasty Twist in East Lansing, and going to LUSH in Chicago. That was kind of a while ago. Probably some other good stuff has happened, but I've been so distracted I have no idea.
I have a couple of wee plans to help out; for instance, the sandals I wore to church on Sunday are actually broken, so I need to get some new shoes (in addition to the springy ones I want to buy when I find them). I also discovered a truly delicious coffee ice cream drink at Smoovies downtown, and plan to get some more of that as soon as possible. Hopefully the sunshine will sort of whack me out of this, too, and your little Avacious will perk up a bit. I feel like the straggly plants on my porch; overextended, frostbitten, and all over the place.
On a related note, I am sunburnt. I went to BG baseball games this weekend, and Saturday was quite warm and sunny. I had SPF on my face, but my neck and the backs of my arms, and also some obscure place on my leg, are a little rosy. Ah, April. The month whose sun I forget, and therefore the sun that gets me the most.

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Carrie said...

Well, there are parties coming up the next couple of weekends, and that's always something to look forward, at least for me! :-)

And can I just say Tasty Twist- Yuuuuum! I totally forgot about that place until you mentioned it. You could walk there from my house, actually it was dangerously close. So good and summery. Sigh... Sundae Station is good too though; you should treat yourself to some of that!