Wednesday, April 05, 2006

First House-Related Post Ever

So, a little-known fact about me grading is that, as I get to the bottom of the pile, it becomes harder and harder to finish, because I know I have a giant pile of other papers to do that I'll have to begin as soon as that pile is done.
So, I watch TV.
Last night, after Gilmore Girls, House was on, and, while I do not often watch this show, I do enjoy it a great deal, and really should watch it more. Who can resist Hugh Laurie, the bumbling Bertie Wooster of, for me,Wodehouse-on-PBS fame, as a cantakerous doctor who will do what he needs to do to find the answer and be right, no matter what the cost, speaking with a better American accent than I do? I, for one, also cannot resist his friendship with the dreamy Robert Sean Leonard. He was lovely in Dead Poet's Society, Swing Kids, and Much Ado About Nothing, but I actually adore him as a more stoic divorced man in his late thirties.
Favorite line of the evening? Dr. House saying, "Oh, snap!" Utterly ridiculous, and therefore, hilarious.
Tonight, big TV lineup...ANTM, Ghosthunters, Lost, Top Chef, John Edward. It's going to be a hot one.

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paul said...

If only I could watch ghosthunters when it's actually on.

I'll be watching this afternoon when I'm done teaching.

When the sun is still out.