Thursday, April 06, 2006

Color me disgusted

Oh, please, ANTM.
Point the first: Ridiculous "shocking collapse" ad last week for this week's Top Model. I do not agree with misleading advertisement or previews based on trickery. I did not appreciate that at all.
Point the second: Stupid pranks like that are how people get hurt. You can claim "it was a joke" and give people t-shirts all you want, Miss Tyra Banks, but D minus on empathy. Thank goodness poor Furonda came back and rocked the week's activities, because that was just a cruel, stupid joke. Poor form.
To summarize, I did not enjoy this week's ANTM, and getting rid of Mollie Sue made me ANGRY. She has been my favorite because I feel like I can relate to her, and now I got nothing.

Didn't watch much of Lost. Watched Ghosthunters instead (it's not too scary this week, Paul), and then Top Chef. I was sad to see Lisa go, but not at all sad to see Tiffani and Dave win. They did a great job selling, and their sandwich looked really delicious. I liked Harold's integrity and sadness at Lisa's departure. Also loved the junk food challenge between Dave and Miguel.

Supernatural is on tonight...I know I shouldn't be watching this much TV, I really do. But my brain has been so busy and worried and overworked this last month or two, and I've just had it. I can make it, I know I can, but there's so much to be done before I get to summer, but summer always means goodbyes, and I hate that, too. I feel, like Bilbo, like butter spread over too much bread. So if I suddenly snarl and turn into an ogre...sorry.

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Stephanie King said...

Yep... I agree. The fake faint was ridiculous and not funny at all.