Friday, April 21, 2006

"How could she be such a cipher?"

I just wrote a bit in my myspace blog about the book Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire. It is by far, so far, my favorite in his set. It's reaching me in odd ways with the language and through Biana, the girl chracter. I have a lot of page corners turned down of things I want to go back over and ponder. The most recent of these is about Lucrezia Borgia's shock in seeing Bianca in the magic mirror and trying to define her expression, and why it bothered her so: "Or perhaps it was that she seemed like one who didn't worry about what it meant never to be enough" (190). The quote in the title is from Bianca's own musings, page 160. These two characters are fascinating in the relationship created, and their growth and change in mentality happening alongside each other.
This book is knocking me on my butt. I haven't been emotionally and mentally touched by a book for a while (more time than is proper for someone who is interested in literature, anyway), and so I'm really grateful that I now have the time this weekend to puzzle my way through it and take my time finishing it. It's actually so good that I wish I weren't quite so far through it. I only have about seventy pages left.
I don't feel well today. My hip is getting better, I think, but my neck and back ache and my throat is scratchy. I am hoping it's just allergies getting out of hand and that I'm not bound for anything worse. I'm going to try to sleep a lot this weekend to knock it out of me.

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