Saturday, February 11, 2006

Annoying Quote of the Day

From an article on regarding a gap between parents and teachers:

"I don't see where the testing is going to come in handy for 90 percent of students down the line," said Hungerford, a truck loader from Syracuse, New York. "For science-minded kids taking English tests, I don't think they care where the period goes when you are up in space."

Well, that's great, Hungerford. Did you see Apollo 13? How will you feel when your kid can't understand what Houston is saying, can't take correct and precise notes, and can't understand technical manuals required to avoid death?

Parents piss me off sometimes. Testing is a hot subject I will not take a stand on here; but please don't try to tell me your kid can stop learning where the period goes.

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Anonymous said...

that totally doesn't even sound like an argument for what he's talking he saying we shouldn't have standarized tests, or that we should stop teaching kids into science english? you can't polorize subjects like that. you never know what you're going to need.