Friday, February 24, 2006

Wait...What day is it?

So, it's Friday again. What the heck happened?
This time last week, I was home home with the folks, hanging out, getting ready for a concert, making hockey plans. Now, I'm getting ready to go home and fall asleep for three days. Well, maybe not, but I think a nap is called for and within my rights. The only problem is, I have no soda, so I think I might have to go to Meijer or Kroger at some point today. I'm also almost out of milk. So I should probably not get pajamafied right away.
Today it's sunny, but chilly. I walked to school and my eyes were blurry. I can't wait until it's warm and my eyes stop watering every time I go outside.
I feel weird right now and am desperately hoping that my ill and ill-carrying students didn't give me something atrocious. I told them all they need to stop making out, but they're not listening to me. I heard flu A is here, which is not good news. Darn kids.

So, this week was the reunion show for Project Runway. Because of the Olympics, it was really the only interesting non-sport thing on this week (no Gilmore Girls, no Supernatural...seriously, what do Steve and I have to text message each other about if there is no Tuesday TV?) I was not home for most of the PR episode, but have caught up on it and Project Jay in reruns. PR was less uncomfortable than last year's PR reunion. There were some uncomfortable moments (ie whatever Guadalupe was getting at, and having to watch much, much more of Andrae's first breakdown than they showed on TV the first time), but a lot of things were said and it felt more zen than last year, like things came into balance. I also enjoyed the musical numbers provided, and watching Daniel V crack up over Santino's Tim Gunn impressions.
I am apprehensive about the upcoming Fashion Week episodes. I've seen a few spoilers of the collections, but those little surprises they always throw in make me nervy. I have to keep reminding myself I don't really care that much who wins this time.
It was nice to catch up with Jay McCarroll. He's very much a real person, perhaps unprepared for the demands and heartwrench of being a popular designer. It was good for me to see what he's learned and how he's growing. I liked his first collection idea that they showed, with the east meets west thing, but then after his surgery he started going quite another direction, and that was interesting, too. As much as we think of design as being keeping up with the competition, being part of the fads, its true eruption must be from the core of the designer, and has to be open to such wide vision changes. I wish him success.
Austin Scarlett's collection was....very Austin Scarlett. I loved that first little pleated dress, I think.

Speaking of pleats, I was catching some sort of Oscar roundup for dresses...a preview show or something, and there was a flat out GORGEOUS dress with black tulle pleated and folded in patterns in the bodice and skirt. It was the most amazing dress I've ever seen in my life. I want it. I want it bad. Alas, I cannot share a picture of it since I can't find it.
In homage to that dress, I have begun the "Darci scarf" from my cool knit book, which is a long scarf made out of tulle and in itself an homage to Darci Kistler, a famous ballerina. The one in the book is pink, but I'm going with black this time. Tulle is a pain to knit, but it looks pretty awesome and I am enthusiastic, although I sense I'm going to have to go get more tulle.
Ah, crafts.

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Paula said...

I can't ever see the word "tulle" without thinking of Emily Dickinson: My Tippet--only Tulle--" in 712.

I just pulled my Norton anthology down off the shelf to re-read the poem and have spent the last little bit re-reading her stuff. She was never a favorite, but I always appreciated her brilliance. Tonight I was struck by so many lines: "This is my letter to the World/That never wrote to Me--" (blogger theme?), "After great pain, a formal feeling comes--," "I dwell in possibility," and ah, "The Brain--is wider than the Sky--/For--put them side by side--/The one the other will contain/With ease--and You--beside--"

How 'bout just "He likes a Boggy Acre" ??

I went to the dictionary, too, to double-check how to pronounce tulle--"tool" after Tulles, France. I'd not about France--or that tulle was something you could knit.

I was bored to tears before I found this tonight, Abs. It was just what I needed to wake me up. Thanks...