Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Elph of My Heart

Elph, and not the Legolas Variety:
I got my camera! I got it good.
I FINALLY found the Canon SD 450; Circuit City in Holland had one, and so I ordered it online and went to pick it up at the store Friday night. Then I played with it a little and read some of the manual, and took a few test pictures. I have a lot to learn, and I still need to make an effort to take better pictures, but at least I can dump the ones that don't turn out! Knowing me, that will be a lot. The camera is tinytiny, as I told my mum about four packs of gum stacked together, not much more. I have to be very careful with it. Test pictures will arrive when I get to the stage of putting them on the computer.

Film of a different kind:
My usual Sunday shows aren't on tonight, so I will be watching Flightplan and possibly some of the Charmed episodes they are showing on TNT. I also watched a few other movies this weekend, namely:
The Brothers Grimm--kind of funny, but frankly didn't make a whole lot of sense. Badly paced, but interesting in a visual way, and since I love fairy tales I got along with this movie all right.
Corpse Bride--let us be honest. Was anyone else irritated when the dead people had their first song and it was virtually identical in sound to one or more of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Oompa-Loompa songs? Danny Elfman and Deep Roy being involved in the songs notwithstanding, COME ON. I hated the OL songs in Charlie, and I didn't like the song anymore in Corpse. I give good marks for the story and animation, but I was appalled by the music thing.
Batman Begins--I intended to see this in the theater...after all, as my friend Nate remarked, there's a fire-breathing horse. But I didn't. And then I got skeptical. And I waited. But then, I saw it, and I now believe Steve that it is awesome. Christian Bale is a perfect young Batman, and has returned to heartthrob status for me. I'm not crazy about Katie Holmes and never have been, but I sure do like Liam Neeson even when he's naughty.

In other movie news, Indiana Jones 4 has an official year attached to it, 2007, and according to, Virginia Madsen is very possibly on board to play the love interest.

Today's Special:
One of my new favorite hymns: Saranam, Saranam
We sang this today in church, and it's from a Pakistani word "refuge" to a Punjabi melody. We sang the first two verses as the prayer chorus, and it was very pretty.
P.S. Today's sermon was about demons. I wonder if Pastor Andy has been watching Charmed.

What's Cooking?:
I must away now, to finish the meringue I began earlier today and to make a jello-related dessert, for no apparent reason except to entertain myself and to use the lemon and whipping cream I have in the fridge.


Anonymous said...

You know, I didn't think Grimm was that fantastic either...Plus my one friend has read pretty much every grimm tale their is and couldn't recognize the origins of some of them so it's not positive that they're all Grimm.

It did, however, inspire me to buy the Barnes and Noble Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales that I wanted for awhile(Though my friend tells me they have about 300, which makes the B and N one, in fact, incomplete at 211. But it's still a good deal.) which I've finally gotten around to starting to read.

Concerning Corpse Bride, I didn't notice a similarity with Charlie, but then I saw Corpse Bride before Charlie, and haven't seen Corpse Bride in full since. I did order it though. Personally like Nightmare better, but Corpse Bride's still a good flick I think (despite the songs being a little lacking). I'll let you know once it comes whether I notice it this time through:)


Anonymous said...

oh, and I almost forgot Batman Begins...not a big Holmes fan myself either, but she was passable (not like she had to do much but me the object of affection). I liked it, up until my now ex pointed out the whole water thing (basically they machine they use should have killed everyone, since we're also made partly of water), which did kind of ruin it a little. But I think overall they got good actors for the parts, but then I'm not really one to ask because I never got into the actual comic to know lol.