Thursday, February 09, 2006


And now for this week's Runway commentary:
I did not see much of the beginning of this episode, the first 25 minutes or so, but I did record it; ultimately, though, I felt like I might not bother watching it, or maybe just wait for one of its many reruns. If you catch, like, the first ten minutes, and the last half hour of the show, you've really gotten most of the good stuff without dealing with drama queens.
Daniel V., WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I had to laugh that Heidi kept saying, "I hate what you've done to Chloe," as if he's slashed her face or something. I did not agree with the assessment of dressing up in a grandmother's closet, put forth by Tim Gunn. The dress fit was indeed dowdy in movement on Chloe (who is short and curvy, and therefore needs something of a more fluid or flat-out stiff texture, and different skirt cut), but the end result was more like old-time Vietnamese bar girl. (And I have just now confirmed that she is, in fact, Vietnamese, which is worse to me somehow). The corset would have been SO much better in another context; I think it could have worked for her, but only if it were put together with something funky, not tawdry.
I actually liked Kara's design best this week, for Santino. The work done by Chloe for Nick was immaculate, and I'm not upset that she won, but Kara's work was much more thought-provoking. Sometimes fastidious isn't best, as impressive as it may be. Kara's hat kicked ass.
I was in complete agreement with Tim Gunn's blog that Santino's design was exciting and his, poor. I loved that Gunn invoked Emma Peel, because that's exactly what I was thinking during the show, and I thought Kara could walk it well (I sympathized with her trying to stand in it...that kind of outfit has to move). I especially liked the striping across the back. But. Wow. Next week, I want to see him put together a completed, finished piece. I mean it, Santino. Finished. You are often agitating, but there's so much talent in there, and I will be pissed if you don't get it together and make it a real competition based on style and execution.
Nick...Saddest exit for me; the puckering problem was uncharacteristic but also glaring, and made me wonder, dear Nick, what happened to you the last couple of weeks? You haven't been the same since Tarah. But you KNOW you can't be so attached to one muse that you lose control of your design focus. I sympathized a lot with Nick because he, surprisingly, experienced the problem I do, which is choosing the wrong fabric and trying to make it fit the wrong project. You will be missed.
Next week looks bitchy, which makes me sigh with trepidation. Hopefully people will chill out enough to get stuff done and we can have a real confidence in our final 3.


Carrie said...

I was surprised that people hated Daniel's outfit for Chloe that much. The whole time he was making the vest/corset thing, I thought it was going to be hot. I still did like it, so I can appreciate that piece by itself, despite of the dress. I can't believe they would have sent him home after one bad design if he hadn't had immunity. He's solid!

Chloe's outfit for Nick was quite impressive, so good for her. I absolutely hated Santino's jumpsuit for Kara. I would've been horrified to wear it. I thought it made her ass look big, and the colors washed her out. And I agree with you - finish a damn outfit Santino!

Finally, I thought Kara's outfit for Santino was pretty awesome, and he looked the best I've seen him look. However, I wonder how much influence he had on that outfit - was it really all her design? I'm not saying she's not capable of it, but the way the show was edited made it look like it was a joint effort between the two of them.

Anyway, the whole time I watch this show I tell Paul how much I love it. I can't believe I didn't watch it last season!!!

Anonymous said...

I think they were unnecessarily cruel to Daniel. Heidi probably just said what she did for poetic drama -- that he'd have been gone if he didn't have immunity. The corset-vest actually seemed very well made, and the red color of the dress was nice.

Santino should have been gone. That jumpsuit was baaad business, and he didn't even seem to understand that it was bad at all, from all his talk. He's such a rooster.


Abs said...

I guess I'm in the minority on Dan's outfit; I can deal with that. I definitely would still have liked to see a different skirt on it. I also think that the drama was overplayed; sort of like a wake-up to Daniel, rather than an actual, you would be out. The construction issues of Nick and Santino were definitely worse.
I'm with you, Carrie, on the amount of input Santino had; I think Kara could have handled it alone, but I don't think we got to see that.
The great thing about this year is that last year, there were Jay and Kara Saun. Austin was out, and Wendy was in. So to my mind the decision was between J and K. This year, I had allegiances to all of the last five designers, even Santino and Kara, and so I feel excited about Fashion Week!