Monday, February 27, 2006

Weekend Potpourri

Ah, weekends. A time for rest, a time for frenzy, a time for best-laid plans to go unseated, a time for things to come together anyway.

On Friday, despite my post about not putting on my pajamas as soon as I got home, I put on my pajamas as soon as I got home. I rested my back, had some dinner, watched the Olympics, and knitted. The store, I said to myself, can wait.

Saturday, I lazily rolled out of bed and back in front of the TV to watch the last biathalon event. That really is something dramatic. It seems so boring while they're skiing, but then when they get toward the shooting range, suddenly everyone's out of their minds. I was sad Ole Einer Bjorndalen did not get his gold, but happy that Poland, who I was cheering for, got its first biathalon medal...that happened last week, too, when I was cheering for France...not their first medal, but they did get gold.
Then I decided I should not only go to the store, but also to Jo-Ann's. There, I spent a ludicrous amount on new fabrics, most of which have plans in store. I found a lovely burgundy paisley brocade on clearance...I love those brocades and get some every time they're on sale, because they're just too darn pretty to ignore. I also got some knits to experiment with, and some charmeuse-like fabric, along with ridiculous yardage of tulle, more black, and burgundy and pink. More scarfs are on their way.
Kroger was uneventful, except that for once I stuck to my list and even discarded items from it. I did find something a student gave me a tip about: Girl Scout cookie ice cream from Edy's. They had a gallon of Samoas, which I later ate a bit of. It's rich, but it certainly tastes exactly like those cookies, my favorite kind.
That evening I finished up a velvet corset top I'd been working on forever, looked over some patterns to use with my new fabrics, had a steak and some antipasti, and watched more Olympics and the Saturday Brit coms. It was really a pretty brilliant day.

I thought I'd be in for more of the same on Sunday. For starters, the BGSU women's chorus was singing at church, to my surprise, and one of my students is in it. It was a special occasion, and then they sang Siyahamba at the end, which is one of my favorite pieces of all time, as I mentioned in my last post.
Then things went awry. My car wouldn't start. At this time I'd like to thank the unnamed chorus member who jumped out of her friend's car, and, in her long black dress, tried to help me jumpstart it. She was amazing, and reminded me of me a little bit in her willingness to work in her dress, and not at all of me in her immediate friendliness. Alas, the car would not start, and I declined a ride, which was a mistake.
For some stupid reason ("Who needs a phone at church?") I left my cellphone at home. Dumb. I went to Sunoco and a girl there (thank you, unnamed girl) let me use her phone, but I really needed mine, so I set about walking home in my church clothes, scarfless ("Who needs a scarf from the car to the church?"), but with gloves and a coffee purchased at Sunoco. It was a long walk. When I arrived, I changed and put a bandage on my new blister from illfitting shoes, and called my wish her a happy birthday and to ask where Dad was. Called Dad, got some advice. Called AAA, and set about walking back, bundled up this time, to the car. The parking lot was a little full, because Anything Goes was being performed at the church, but the tow truck found me and, after listening to the car, the guy got it started. It wouldn't start reliably in the normal way, so he too gave me some advice. I got it home, though, and resumed having a pleasant day.
I made a skirt on Sunday, out of brocade. I also got most of the way through a kimono-style top. I'm a little skeptical about it, but I think it will be fine. I'd like to finish it tonight, because I want to make several of those in different fabrics, and I need to see how it looks. Watched the closing ceremonies, ate some leftover steak...all was back to normal.

Now, I need to go to a meeting, so I'll post on the closing ceremonies later.

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Carrie said...

I like reading about your fabric purchases, mostly because I'm jealous of your sewing talents.

The kimono top sounds cute. I was just admiring one online; it might have to be one of my first spring/summer purchases. I bet it'll be really cute on you. Wear it soon!