Monday, February 27, 2006

End Games

I have to say I was much more impressed with the closing ceremonies than those for the opening of the Olympic Winter Games in Torino.
Particular highlights:

O Canada: Props to Vancouver for bringing out the Native tribes and for the awesome ice cracking and whale song of the ice fisherman scene. That rocked.
Angels and Ministers of Grace: Va Pensiero sung by little ones in angel and devil costumes. That was cute and sounded pretty.
Little Brides: Likewise, the young brides lining up to make a peace dove was pretty exciting.
Better Parade Music: While the YMCA during the festivities seemed wildly out of place, the songs played during the athletes' entrance were much more in keeping with the Italian spirit.
Dancing Tarot Cards: All Carnivals should have dancing tarot cards. Period.

In all, the sounds and sights of these ceremonies seemed better choreographed, more visible, and more thematically resonant.
Huzzah, Torino!

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