Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Avert Your Eyes.

So, sorry to anyone I've flashed today. I can't do a thing about it.
I got my favorite sweater at New York & Co last year. It's pink, soft, and cozy. It has a v-neck, and I like it, but the v-neck tends to dip a bit low throughout the day, leaving it to anyone's guess who all has seen my bra. I pull the sweater back a lot, not often enough to be annoyed, but often enough for me to wonder if I should do it more.
This semester, for the first time, I was smart enough to schedule a lunch hour in, so that I'm not working or having office hours when I should be resting and eating a sensible meal. Boy do I like lunch. Sometime, let's talk about sandwiches.

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Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel better once in awhile (like today) I've got a shirt on that you can see through. but then I don't have students either so...lol.
hm, sandwiches. I just ate a sandwich, one of those wannabe deli kind. So dry I had to douse it in Italian dressing which probably completely cancels out the yoga I just did. Ah well.